Staff meeting under the project Youth-Led Activism

Staff meeting under the project Youth-Led Activism

The staff meeting under the project Youth-Led Activism had a successful realization in Shtip, North Macedonia. Finally, we had a chance to meet with the project team in person and discuss the project activities and results. The duration of the project is until November 2024 and until then we will have some great results for our youngsters and educators.

In nutshell, the project Youth-Led Activism will have 4 main outcomes and results:

  • Wielding the power of social media for social change guideline;

The materials presented in the guideline will support young people to safely navigate growing up in a digital world; We will explore how the internet and social media can be used in youth work activities in view of developing new effective learning and teaching methods and tools along with the increased outreach to young people, particularly from disadvantaged groups, and providing examples of good practices.

  • Youth-Led Activism, Digital Platform.

We will develop a brand-new Youth-Led Activism, Digital Platform as an inventory of youth initiatives/projects/activities platforms, where young people will use the Internet and social media, including digital tools and apps for democratic participation, critical engagement in public life and social activism.

  • Digital citizenship – Youth Training

The training will result in the participants gaining new experiences, skills, and methods of youth activism through social media, and improving the methods already in use. They will enrich their expertise in digital storytelling and learn how to facilitate activities based on this method, from the process of creating stories to the technology that makes it possible.

  • Youth for Change and Action events

This one-day event will be organized during the official Youth Day in 2024. This event will be also a contribution to other events that aim to ensure the engagement and participation of young people in society. It will be a celebration of youth, power and unity, how young people can impact the world if they put their minds to it.

Stay tuned, and be ready for youth activism!

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